Visit Lancaster City Dines Around: The Limerick Neighborhood Delicatessen

Lancaster City Restaurant Week is a bi-annual celebration of the rich culinary diversity available in the City of Lancaster. This season Visit Lancaster City’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Wyatt Behringer, decided to take advantage of the special values offered during the week to dine around the City, visit some favorite spots and discover some new ones too!

Fourth Stop: The Limerick Neighborhood Delicatessen! I was super excited for my next #LCRW2019 adventure. I would be flying solo on this one to visit Michael Sirianni, owner of Limerick Deli. Michael operated BUZZ for a number of years directly across the street from our offices at the Visitor Center and it was a #GoTo stop for breakfast and lunch breaks for all of us. We were thrilled to hear that he had opened his dream of a NY style deli in Lancaster and I was so glad to get this chance to catch up with Michael, check out the new digs, and sample some restaurant week specials!



The Limerick is bright and sunny and there is no welcome brighter than Michael’s. After a quick tour, I sat down to go over the menu. I was there in time for breakfast and so could choose from either Two Bagels + Shmear – served with your choice with two fruit cups, and two small cups of coffee or bottles of orange juice or Two Lox Bagels – served with two small cups of coffee or bottles of orange juice. 


Special Lancaster City Restaurant Week Menu at Limerick Neighborhood Delicatessen


Now, I have a confession to make, I am such a goy that I have never tasted a lox in my life. So, it was a no-brainer that I had to go for the Lox Bagel special, and I am so glad that I did. It was amazing! Limerick Deli sources their bagels fresh from Thom’s Bread (their breads and waffles too). My lox bagel was served to order with a perfect shmear of plain cream cheese, red onion, greens and a sweet mustard drizzle. It was outstanding and I am wondering what took me so long to try it! The special included a much needed, and excellent, cup of java from The Gerhart Coffee Company.


Limerick Deli Lox Bagel #LCRW2019 Special


Since this special was for two I was able to order a treat (well I might have added more than one)  to take back to the hard-working and always hungry team at Visit Lancaster City. Once spring finally arrives we can all walk up to visit Michael at The Limerick Neighborhood Deli in this lovely Northeast Lancaster neighborhood together. I may not be able to wait til then though. Now that I’ve tried a Limerick Deli Lox Bagel I can’t wait to go back for more!


Wyatt Behringer LOVES Limerick Deli Lox Bagels!

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