Lancaster City Restaurant Week Spring 2021 Participation Form

Lancaster City Restaurant Week Spring 2021 will take place from Monday April 12th – Sunday April 18th. Each participating business must be an independent restaurant or cafe based in the City of Lancaster. The deadline to submit is Monday, April 5th.

This season is different from any that has preceded it due to the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our restaurant industry. It has been predicted that 25% of all restaurants & cafes will be lost as a result of the COVID closure & restrictions. Lancaster City Restaurant Week is betting that the City of Lancaster will beat those odds thanks to the amazing level of loyalty and support that the people of Lancaster have historically shown for the small business community.

Lancaster City Restaurant Week Spring 2021 will be FREE and OPEN to ALL restaurants & cafes located WITHIN the City of Lancaster.  We will be promoting restaurants and cafes with information on whether they are offering take-out, outdoor, or in-house dining. We will feature ways to purchase Gift Cards for your restaurant or café, and methods for consumers to buy merchandise (t-shirts, ball caps, mugs, visors, etc.) to show support for your business. If you offer catering services, Lancaster City Restaurant Week will highlight that on your listing too!

Please check the boxes that apply to your restaurant or café and add a URL link where applicable.