March 4-10

Dining Around LCRW Spring 2024: Marion Court Room

Lancaster City Restaurant Week is here, and we’re on a mission to savor every delicious deal! Lancaster City Alliance Social Media & Engagement Manager Kathlene Carroll Sullivan is “Dining Around” for Spring Season 2024 Join along as she dives into the diverse and thriving culinary scene of Lancaster City!


On her first stop, Kathlene enjoyed a lunch date with Mike Williams, CEO of The H&H Group, a well-known printing company in the City. It was the perfect opportunity to express her gratitude for their swift assistance with a last-minute rush order for Restaurant Week posters & flyers. They kicked off the #LCRWSpring2024 with an early lunch at Marion Court Room on the first day!


Sullivan found Marion Court’s backstory fascinating, especially how three employees purchased the restaurant, bar, and entertainment scene last June. Under new owners Shawn Robinson, Jessica Goldberg, and Eric Yeager, changes were made including expanding the menu. At the Opening Press Reception for Lancaster City Restaurant Week, they offered a food tasting that left many attendees impressed with the freshness, flavor, and quality. The group even caught the eye of LNP reporter Mary Ellen Wright.



“For us, [restaurant week] is very special because we’ve just started taking food very seriously,” says Shawn Robinson, one of the co-owners of Marion Court Room who took over last June. “Marion Court isn’t just a party spot; it’s a place where you can get a really nice meal. So this is a great way for us to get some exposure and let people know, hey, we serve really good food at Marion Court.”



At Marion Court, the menu offers a delightful departure from typical bar food, boasting an array of options from soups and salads to steaks and tacos. Mike’s dining adventure began with a crock of their House French Onion Soup, a personal favorite, which lived up to every cheesy, golden-brown expectation. For his main course, he savored a delicious Cheesesteak with Provolone, paired perfectly with crispy fries and savory gravy that was “everything he hoped for.” His verdict – a great meal at great value!



Kathlene decided to try the Marion Court Restaurant Week Special: Three Slow-Cooked House Birria with Cheesy Tortilla, Crispy Onions, and Cilantro, served with a Spicy Jus for $14.95. The portions were ample, and the beef birria was flavorful, tender, and wonderfully seasoned. The spicy jus had just the right kick for her taste. It was so delicious that she couldn’t resist sneaking some of Mike’s fries for dipping



The highlight of our dining experience was the exceptional service provided by our fantastic server, Maddie. She patiently answered all our menu questions, suggested some of her personal favorites, and remained attentive throughout our meal. When she noticed Kathlene’s iPhone battery was running low, she even came to the rescue with a charger that fit perfectly!



With stellar staff like Maddie and delicious meals, Marion Court is a must-visit during Lancaster City Restaurant Week Spring 2024. Plus, they’ve got you covered seven days a week, with the kitchen open until 11:00 PM Sunday through Thursday, and even later until midnight on Friday and Saturday!